octakitty 1 on my macHappy Git-iversary to Me!

It’s been four years since I joined Github.

And the reason I joined in the first place?  Ruby on Rails.   I got about a year and a half deep into RoR before the Javascript ecoverse sucked me in.     But in that time I also got involved with a handful of fascinating open source projects that helped me transition to web development.

In celebration, I’ll be posting random images of the octakitty on the site.  Enjoy.

Raspberry Pi in boxMy Raspberry Pi…

I wound up being far too busy at the 9 to 5 to be able to put quality time into learning, coding, and tweaking my now not-too-new Raspberry Pi 2.  There’s even a model 3 out now!

There’s a ton of projects out there – only if I had time 😐