Germans study Acupuncture for Easing Eczema

eczemaResearchers at the Technical University of Munich found that acupuncture after allergen exposure, appeared to soothe itchiness in cases of Atopic Eczema.  They also found that when exposed to an allergen after a session of acupuncture, there were less severe skin reactions.

Eczema and Chinese Medicine

Eczema is a skin condition characterized by itchiness, and dry rashes.  It has been referenced and treated by Chinese Medicine for a very long time and there is a tremendous amount of cases studies available.  Dermatology is a long-standing specialization in Chinese Medicine.  The experience of generations of doctors treating this problem is reflected by Professor Zhao Bing Nan, when he advises,

As a dermatologist, we must bear in mind that although skin disorders are shaped in [the] exterior, most of the time the root of them comes from interior.

Professor Zhao is famous for his work with eczema in contemporary times.  Although acupuncture goes hand in hand with herbal medicine, internal problems are best addressed by internal medicinals such as herbs.


Although I appreciate the results of this latest published trial,  it doesn’t do justice to the efficacy of Chinese medicine in regards to skin diseases, especially eczema.  Not that its very easy to treat, in fact Professor Zhao has also said that if you can treat eczema, then you can easily treat half the skin diseases out there!

I look forward to a day when trials and experiments on Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are designed from the ground up in a manner that reflects understanding of how the medicine works.

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