Blood tests

8 Better Tests for Heart Disease Than Cholesterol

As a marker for the presence and severity of Heart Diseases, total cholesterol and the division of cholesterol into good HDL and bad LDL is out of date.  There are at least 8 tests that have higher significance and show better correlation with heart disease.

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Treat Asthma Naturally

asthmaticThere is quite a bit you can do to prevent and treat asthma naturally.  If your diagnosis is established always have your inhaler handy – that’s just common sense.   Aside from that, here I teach you some crucial information about how to address asthma, especially through diet.

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Natural Allergy Home Remedies

Spring has sprung and it seems to me there is no lack of people with allergies, and even those of us who never had them before are starting to get them!  Don’t run to buy pharmaceuticals – in this article I outline some natural allergy home remedies that you can use to help yourself.  Diet and other lifestyle modifications can go a long way towards easing your symptoms and should be your first course of action.  By the way, this advice can also help asthmatics. Continue reading Natural Allergy Home Remedies

PSA-based Prostate Cancer Screening

Contrary to mainstream practice and thinking, prostate-specific antigen, or PSA-based Prostate Cancer Screening is no longer recommended.  The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, or USPSTF, published their results in late 2011 which show: moderate or high certainty that the service has no net benefit or that the harms outweigh the benefits!  They discourage use of the service. Continue reading PSA-based Prostate Cancer Screening

Healthy Gut Flora Compromise and Fungal Overgrowth

healthy gutThis is part one of a series of articles on healthy gut flora, fungal overgrowth, its connection to Candida Albicans / yeast overgrowth, and the ensuing host of health problems that affect so many of us without knowing it.  Bad breath, mood swings, all sorts of digestive issue, asthma, breast cancer and more can be a result.  In this part, I go over what can trigger or cause the compromise of healthy gut flora, and what can happen with the ensuing proliferation of bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Continue reading Healthy Gut Flora Compromise and Fungal Overgrowth

Dysmenorrhea and Diet

Healthy habits are key to prevention of pain and cramping at any point in the menstrual cycle.  Regular light exercise, good diet, and a tempered emotional life are important but sometimes hard to maintain in the real world.   In this article, I talk about how you can help dysmenorrhea, painful periods, with diet. Continue reading Dysmenorrhea and Diet

Treat Constipation Naturally

Regular healthy urination and defecation are tremendously important to good health.  Constipation can range from being a mild annoyance to a very serious issue.  Treating it also can be as simple as just dietary changes, to requiring much more.  In this article I’ll give you some crucial information around the whole subject of constipation, and what you can do to regulate bowel function naturally, so you don’t have to resort to pharmaceuticals or habit forming laxatives. Continue reading Treat Constipation Naturally

Dampness in the Body

ice cream is very damp inducingIn Traditional Chinese Medical theory, excessive dampness is a major cause and consequence of disease.  What is dampness? There are two kinds, dampness external to the body, and dampness within.  In the body, its not exactly one pathogen like a bacteria or virus.  Rather, the term is generic and basically refers to all liquids and oils not adequately metabolized. Continue reading Dampness in the Body

Eczema Home Remedies

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a skin inflammation.  The skin becomes unbearably itchy, red, dry and scaly, sometimes oozing!  Eczema is one of those problems where lifestyle choices (like diet) can make a huge difference in how badly you suffer.  Chinese Medicine with herbs and acupuncture does an excellent job in treating eczema but not everyone has the opportunity to get professional help, so in this article I will share the most important top tips for natural eczema treatment. Continue reading Eczema Home Remedies