Blood tests

8 Better Tests for Heart Disease Than Cholesterol

As a marker for the presence and severity of Heart Diseases, total cholesterol and the division of cholesterol into good HDL and bad LDL is out of date.  There are at least 8 tests that have higher significance and show better correlation with heart disease.

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Treat Asthma Naturally

asthmaticThere is quite a bit you can do to prevent and treat asthma naturally.  If your diagnosis is established always have your inhaler handy – that’s just common sense.   Aside from that, here I teach you some crucial information about how to address asthma, especially through diet.

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PSA-based Prostate Cancer Screening

Contrary to mainstream practice and thinking, prostate-specific antigen, or PSA-based Prostate Cancer Screening is no longer recommended.  The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, or USPSTF, published their results in late 2011 which show: moderate or high certainty that the service has no net benefit or that the harms outweigh the benefits!  They discourage use of the service. Continue reading PSA-based Prostate Cancer Screening

Margarine is Poison

margarinePeople who eat mostly polyunsaturated oils, especially margarine and shortening, have a greater risk of heart attack and cancer.   A lot of people, based on popular opinion, decided some years ago that butter was an enemy.  The reasoning is that since its high in animal fat, switching to using refined vegetable oils and margarine, free of cholesterol and saturated fat will save them from clogged arteries and heart attacks.   Studies show otherwise: they show that margarine is poison. Continue reading Margarine is Poison

Avoiding Toxic Plastics

Toxic plastics are everywhere, poisoning us.  From water bottles, to food containers and canned food, to baby products, …  With the information I give you here, you can go a long way towards avoiding the main offending plastic containers that leach poisons, especially BPA which is linked to diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, infertility and reproductive system problems!

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Protein Powder Drinks Can Be A Health Hazard

There are a lot of drinks out these days with protein powder in it, and its become a popular product just by itself. Advertised as something of a super food, they can actually be harmful instead. Aside from the digestive issues, Consumer Reports Magazine reports that of 15 protein drinks tested, they found some could expose users to potentially harmful levels of heavy metals! Continue reading Protein Powder Drinks Can Be A Health Hazard

Dysmenorrhea and Diet

Healthy habits are key to prevention of pain and cramping at any point in the menstrual cycle.  Regular light exercise, good diet, and a tempered emotional life are important but sometimes hard to maintain in the real world.   In this article, I talk about how you can help dysmenorrhea, painful periods, with diet. Continue reading Dysmenorrhea and Diet

What to Eat and Not Eat to Support Healthy Menstruation

A well balanced diet and adequate exercise can go a long way towards healthy menstrual periods.  Dietary therapy for menstrual problems are a big part of my recommendations for cases of infertility, PMS, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), amenorrhea(no periods), irregular cycles, and menstrual hemorrhaging.  This article is about baseline nutrition for prevention of menstrual problems.

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Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Personal Products, Part 2

hormone disruptors in cosmeticsIn this second part in a series on toxins in common home products, I tell you about the organic personal & beauty products that make the cut, and the ones whose products contain toxins.  Since the U.S. government doesn’t regulate cosmetics for safety, long-term health impacts, or environmental damage, common cosmetics ingredients are quite harmful. Buying organic brands guarantees nothing since labeling is not regulated. And as it turns out labels like natural, herbal, and organic are widely abused. Continue reading Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Personal Products, Part 2