What Cholesterol Studies Really Show

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cholesterol in bloodThis is a highly controversial subject. Mainstream belief is a reflection of big money interests, not what science has shown. The campaign against cholesterol might well be the greatest medical scandal in modern time.

Studies show people with high cholesterol live the longest!

Cholesterol studies that aren’t funded by the pharmaceutical companies that make money off cholesterol medications show that quality saturated fats and naturally high cholesterol are our friends. More than 20 studies following the elderly with high cholesterol show that they live the longest!

Yale University reported in ’94 that elderly with low cholesterol were twice as likely to die from a heart attack as did those with high cholesterol.

Most studies of elderly show that high cholesterol is not a risk factor for coronary heart disease. Its actually much better to have high than to have low cholesterol if you want to live to be very old.

Almost all studies have shown that people with low cholesterol become just as atherosclerotic as people with high cholesterol.

Heart patients almost always have low cholesterol

In the largest cholesterol study of levels of heart patients ever published: UCLA studied 137 thousand patients from 541 hospitals in the US who had been admitted because of an acute heart attack. In each case, their cholesterol was analyzed within 24 hours of admission. They found that these patients’ cholesterol levels were lower than normal (mean of around 174) and the LDL (bad cholest) was also much lower than normal.

A few months later, a group from Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute in Detroit came up with similar results.

In another cholesterol study: for each 1mg/dl drop of cholesterol, there was an 11% increase in coronary and total mortality.

Does he really have your back?Today most doctors believe that statin treatment is the way to eradicate cardiovascular disease. The facts is that no trial drug has succeeded in prolonging life for women or for healthy men, and the effect for patients with heart disease is trivial.

People with high cholesterol develop Parkinson’s disease and dementia less often than people with low cholesterol. Detailed records of the ability of people to learn, to reason, to concentrate and to organize their thoughts have also shown that, on average, the smartest people have the highest cholesterol!

If you want to know why mainstream thinking is so contrary to what you read here, just follow the money.

To find out more details of some of this information, refer to the works of Doctor Uffe Ravnskov, his books were very instrumental to opening many peoples eyes.  Also, have a look at this info.

See also, thincs.orgwestonaprice.org

So how do I know if I have heart disease?

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