5 Morning-Sickness Top Tips

morning-sickness tipsMorning sickness is a common term for vomiting during pregnancy and some people suffer from it a lot more than others!  Anyone who considers themselves as having a problem with it will tell you that it doesn’t just happen in the morning.  Some cases can be so severe that they go on beyond the 16th week!  Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture and herbs goes a long way to treat this condition – but there’s also plenty you can and should do at home to help yourself as well.   Here are my top morning sickness tips – grouped in five sections:

Morning Sickness Tips #1:

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin B6, folic acid, B12, and Vitamin E.

Morning sickness has been linked to a deficiency in these vitamins.  Getting enough of these vitamins is crucial. Demand for folic acid, B6, and E increases during pregnancy.  Make sure you’re eating a good diet with a variety of green vegetables, nuts, grains,  and legumes.

Even if you’re taking prenatal vitamins, you should be making sure to eat well – for most people that also means eating warm, cooked food.  Meat is one of the best sources of B vitamins, so if you’re vegan or vegetarian you better be well informed on how to get adequate nutrition.  If you know your diet isn’t and hasn’t been the greatest, then its probably best to get prenatal vitamins.

Either way also consider micro-algea such as Chlorella and Spirulina tablets which are great for protein and B12 and so much more.  Also, do you know about the benefits of seaweed in the diet?

morning sick pumpkin!Morning Sickness Tips #2:

Eat small meals throughout the day, do not stuff yourself.  Avoid drinking water/liquids with your meals.

Also, if you’re taking prenatal vitamins, make sure you take them with your meal.

Morning Sickness Tips #3:

Incorporate the following foods into your diet. Some of these food ingredients may be harder to find than others for you.  I tried to stay as close to a list of common foods as possible.

  • Ginger – Use fresh ginger, do not use dry ginger while pregnant.  Great in soup. Tea combo with lavender, peach leaf.  Especially good for weak & cold digestion because of its warming nature;  ginger is known to help rectify the functions of the stomach including relieving vomiting, you’ll see it often in the recipes below.
  • Millet grain soothes morning sickness, eat it in soups regularly. The energy of Millet is somewhat cold, so make sure your soup contains ginger to counterbalance it energetically.
  • Perilla – A common green that I see in Korean food around here!  Often recommended in Chinese medicine as an herb for morning sickness,  go find it in the Asian supermarkets.  You can boil and drink as tea or eat it.

Morning Sickness Tips #4:

Try some natural Chinese Medicine Home remedies:

  • Boil some dark plums in water with fresh ginger and some brown sugar to make tea.  Drink twice a day.  The sweet and sour taste helps to relax a Liver strained by stress!
  • Boil Pomelo skin and drink it as tea 3 times a day.  This also helps to relax emotional constraint by soothing the liver.
  • Mix sugar cane juice and fresh ginger to taste. eat/drink 3 times a day.  This helps to boost digestive energy.
  • Boil equal amounts dried tangerine peel and fresh ginger with some brown sugar to taste.  Drink as tea also for boosting energy.
  • Juice leek and ginger, mix with a little brown sugar.  Mix it all in some water to taste and drink twice a day.

Morning Sickness Tips #5:

Use a hot water bottle on your belly (upper & lower) for at least 15 minutes a day.  Use it on your lower back too.

Good luck, and keep in mind that every woman is different! If your morning-sickness is severe, or even just more than mild, make sure to see a professional to be safe.