Banned Poisons Still Allowed in Common U.S. Foods

The United States allows ingredients in our packaged and prepared foods that have been banned in many other countries!  In this article I’ll outline some ingredients you will find in common store bought foods that should raise your eyebrows.   Hopefully you’ll decide to put aside these products with poisons posing as foods.

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The Gallbladder and Fats

Why do we have a gallbladder, and what is so interesting about it?  What does it feel like when it’s not healthy, and how does diet affect it?  Why are low-fat diets bad for you in the long-run?  Here I answer those questions and more in this fourth in an ongoing series of articles on oils, fats, and diet. Continue reading The Gallbladder and Fats

Benefits of Eating Seaweed

The benefits of eating seaweed are many.  Seaweeds are highly nutritious and have a variety of useful properties: from treating all sorts of swellings and lumps, to coughs, eczema, weight loss, and fungal infections!  In this article I’ll highlight some top benefits of eating seaweed and even give you a delicious seaweed soup recipe to try. Continue reading Benefits of Eating Seaweed