Your Thyroid Hates Soy

Soy is not good food because it disturbs your hormones.  It is goitrogenic, meaning it can suppress thyroid gland functions, which can result in problems like goiter, thyroid enlargement, and related thyroid diseases.  The only safe use of soy as food is in a fermented form (like tofu) as a small part of the diet – and never for babies.

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Dysmenorrhea and Diet

Healthy habits are key to prevention of pain and cramping at any point in the menstrual cycle.  Regular light exercise, good diet, and a tempered emotional life are important but sometimes hard to maintain in the real world.   In this article, I talk about how you can help dysmenorrhea, painful periods, with diet. Continue reading Dysmenorrhea and Diet

What to Eat and Not Eat to Support Healthy Menstruation

A well balanced diet and adequate exercise can go a long way towards healthy menstrual periods.  Dietary therapy for menstrual problems are a big part of my recommendations for cases of infertility, PMS, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), amenorrhea(no periods), irregular cycles, and menstrual hemorrhaging.  This article is about baseline nutrition for prevention of menstrual problems.

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Diseases in Chinese med vs. Western med

cooperation between medicinesThere’s a common myth that western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are at odds. This is not true.  Both aim to restore health and prevent disease. The differences between the medicines also bring about strengths. If you know about the strengths of each medicine, then you can make intelligent choices and get the best health care. Continue reading Diseases in Chinese med vs. Western med