Effective Cancer Treatment But Folks Aren’t Amused

Dr. Burzynski in Texas has for years now had a cancer treatment for the harshest cancers with amazing results, and no side-effects! So why haven’t you heard of this guy and his works?  Well, he has a patent on the chemicals he uses, and the FDA decided years ago they will not let a private individual pass their tests, only huge corporations with megabucks!  The mind-blowing video here from a few years ago was at first laughed at by most but now there’s support from Dr. Oz, Tony Robbins, and more! Continue reading Effective Cancer Treatment But Folks Aren’t Amused

Newest Physical Evidence of Acupuncture Points

acupuncture point P5A group of researchers lead by Zhang Xinyi, at Fudan University, set out to “figure out the three-dimensional structure of the acupuncture points with the light resources.”  Using a new subatomic particle accelerator in Shanghai, they report detecting physical evidence of the acupuncture points. Continue reading Newest Physical Evidence of Acupuncture Points

Trans-fat Oils and Canola

I’m trying to blow the whistle on Canola oil but I want to give you some background first.  Going into effect in the new year (2010) is the bill Governor Arnold signed in July ’08 to ban trans-fat containing cooking oils in restaurants.  This is a good start but the problem is that trans-fats in Canola are not recognized by the mainstream – one consequence of which is that everybody is recommending Canola as a healthy oil to cook with.

Trans-fats are fats created through a chemical process of oil hydrogenation.  It has been known for a while that they hurt the body’s ability to regulate cholesterol.  By 2005, the FDA had ruled that package labels must indicate the presence of trans-fats.

A recent SFGate article (link below) does a good job reporting on how many restaurants and bakeries have long since abandoned those oils, even before they got wind of the new law.  By the way, bakeries must have complied by 2011 to this law.   The article leaves you feeling like the switch to other oils came for other reasons.  I’d like to think those reasons were for health, but I wonder what the price of bulk oils for commercial use is these days?  And what are the varieties available?

While its great that we can feel a little safer eating out, the problem still remains in the supermarkets, and at home!   What are good fats/oils and where are unhealthy trans-fats found?

  • So called Canola oil, derived from rapeseed, is always refined. Why? Because in its unrefined state it is extremely bitter and nobody would buy it.   The process of refining it damages its much touted Omega-3 content and actually converts some of the Omega 3 into trans-fats!  Some people who know this are ok with this oil because they say such a tiny percentage actually gets converted to the bad fats.  Also, misinformed mainstream thinking still wrongly advocates oils with high polyunsaturated fats ratio as the healthiest.  Another problem is Canola oil is used when making a lot of confections.  When the manufacturers of everything canned, boxed, and frozen usually say ‘vegetable oil’ on the contents, they usually mean Canola oil.  They might hydrogenate it, which creates trans-fats, or just plain heat it too much making it rancid.  Also consider that canola oil use is new.  Oils like olive oil and sesame oil have been around and used in traditional cultures for some time.  Humans have had some generations of experience with them.
  • The Frying Pan – High heat can cause small amounts of trans-fats over time.  The problem is especially true when you re-use oils, as in the case of deep-fryers, or many restaurants practices.  Definitely fast food chains are a culprit.
  • Candy bars, cakes, biscuits – I think you can still find trans-fats in Mars, Twix, Milky Way, Snickers, …
  • Margarineand Shortening contain hydrogenated polyunsaturated oils.  Again, hydrogenation creates trans-fatties.  Most margarines made from soy and safflower oils and marketed as “natural” are also hydrogenated.   Margarine made from other processes are becoming available, but getting into manufactured oils is not the right direction to go.  Here is more detail about your heart and margarine .

More than anything, I think the new law reflects the general understanding that trans-fatty oils are bad for us, but doesn’t seem to address the reality of its omni-presence.

Here is the link to the referenced SFGate article about the ban on trans-fats.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your comments.

Germans study Acupuncture for Easing Eczema

eczemaResearchers at the Technical University of Munich found that acupuncture after allergen exposure, appeared to soothe itchiness in cases of Atopic Eczema.  They also found that when exposed to an allergen after a session of acupuncture, there were less severe skin reactions. Continue reading Germans study Acupuncture for Easing Eczema

Cordyceps Mushroom Cancer Drug Research

CordycepsA University of Nottingham team have re-discovered cordycepin, extracted from the Cordyceps mushroom used in Chinese Medicine.  In a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the cordyceps researchers explain their new insights help with understanding the range of cancers that cordycepin can treat, and how it can combine with other treatments. Continue reading Cordyceps Mushroom Cancer Drug Research