Sadness, Grief and the Lungs

A unique aspect of traditional Chinese medicine is the idea that each organ has not only a physical manifestation, but also a mental-emotional aspect.  Emotions influence the organs and also the organs can give rise to emotions – a circle of interaction.  This is one example of the of mind and body connection. Continue reading Sadness, Grief and the Lungs

How to do Standing Qigong

chen xiao wang doing standing practiceIn this article I introduce you to one of the most all-around beneficial exercises that you can do.  It is a form of qi gong called Standing pole, or just “standing” practice.  I’ll give you some background about why its so good for you, and tell you how you can start practicing today! Continue reading How to do Standing Qigong

What is QiGong?

in the park, getting their qi onWhat is qigong (chi-gong)?  Qi Gong roughly translates as energy exercise or breath exercise.  Its used to refer to a wide variety of exercises including meditation, calisthenics, deep breathing, self-massage, dietetics, etc…   The Chinese use of the word is a modern term for what was traditionally called yang sheng shu: the Art of Nourishing Life. Continue reading What is QiGong?

Healing Back Pain With Natural Medicine

back pain remediesBack pain is one of the most common reasons why people are referred to Chinese Medicine and it is certainly one of the conditions I see most often. Back pain ranges from acute (”I was helping my friend move the couch and my back went out!”,) to chronic (”everytime it rains, I get a backache!”). Sometimes its sharp and unbearable, often its a nagging ache thats been around for some time.  Continue reading Healing Back Pain With Natural Medicine