Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Beauty Products, part 1

Pantene is a hormone disruptorThere is no lack of toxic chemicals in our modern environment and unfortunately ‘beauty’ products top the list.  Most at risk are females, especially people of color.  A survey by the Environmental Working Group shows that most women use about 12 products, putting on about 126 harmful chemicals over the course of the day.  In this first article in a series, I list some general advice and name the ingredients that you should watch out for.

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Sadness, Grief and the Lungs

A unique aspect of traditional Chinese medicine is the idea that each organ has not only a physical manifestation, but also a mental-emotional aspect.  Emotions influence the organs and also the organs can give rise to emotions – a circle of interaction.  This is one example of the of mind and body connection. Continue reading Sadness, Grief and the Lungs

Eczema Home Remedies

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a skin inflammation.  The skin becomes unbearably itchy, red, dry and scaly, sometimes oozing!  Eczema is one of those problems where lifestyle choices (like diet) can make a huge difference in how badly you suffer.  Chinese Medicine with herbs and acupuncture does an excellent job in treating eczema but not everyone has the opportunity to get professional help, so in this article I will share the most important top tips for natural eczema treatment. Continue reading Eczema Home Remedies