I write computer software

I got a degree in Computer Science and wrote a lot of code in C before the web became a thing.

I've been a javascript developer since JQuery and Backbone-JS, and these days I focus on web and mobile apps with React-JS and related technologies. Currently in the React universe, I'm excited about what Next.JS is bringing to the table.

I've also got an interest in AI/ML so I'm paying more attention to Python this year.

Health graphic

Recent engineering efforts

I've focused my engineering efforts in the fields of medicine and social good.

I was the principal mobile engineer on a mindfulness mobile apps at whil.com, and at doc.ai where our goal was to address disease prevention using AI and ML. Most recently I've been diving into Machine Learning projects around health data and pursuing some ideas about how to leverage that data.

Knowledge is power

I like to learn. The computer industry is ever-changing and education is the key to staying to on top. Recently, life gave us the Covid-19 lemon, I've decided to make lemonade by taking the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Gatsy JS, Next JS
  • Machine Learning
  • Performant web and mobile animations

Life has many joys

Tech is fun, but life is much larger than that. I'm passionate about music and I play drums. I also practice Tai Chi.